Smart people choose simpler phones

  • Focus only on what really matters to you
  • Customise to fit around your lifestyle
  • Benefit from 'smart' features at your own pace
  • Spend less time troubleshooting

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Simpler Home Screen

Have less clutter on your phone or tablet with just six big and easy to read icons on your home screen.

Clear Menus and Options

Everything from our contacts menu to our applications menu is clearly labelled, so you'll always know what to can do.

No Swiping or Pinching

We're removing unnecessary or cryptic touch elements, such as swipes and pinches so you won't lose focus on what's important.

Make it Your Own

Choose up to five of your favourite apps to display and we'll make sure everything else stays in the background.

Smartphone Tutorials

Get instant lessons on how to use key apps when you need them. Work through the lessons at your pace and uncover the best smartphone features.

Smart When You Need It

Easily access all the advanced bits on your phone. We don't remove any important settings or features, we simply leave them in the background.

Switch Back Anytime

If you ever want to return to your original smartphone setup, you can de-activate or uninstall Zilta any time. Read FAQ below.

How to get started

Each Android device is different, but you can get started in the same way. Write to us if you have any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zilta?

Zilta is a simple way to use smartphones and tablet computers designed specifically for people who want technology to fit around their lifestyle and not the other way around. Our typical customers have used personal computers for the past 15 years and know that many complex so-called smartphones don't make their lives any easier.

Why Zilta?

We started working on this challenge when we found that many of our loved ones were not enjoying their new smartphones and were not taking full advantage of being online on the go. We're working on ways to help people focus on what matters, while leaving all the technical bits in for us to sort out in the background.

Who is Zilta?

Zilta was founded by Jukka Kekäläinen and Lari Numminen together with a team of passionate collaborators around the World. From our odd-sounding names you may guess correctly that we are originally Finland, the homeland of Nokia. We are based in Dublin, Ireland and funded by the National Digital Research Centre (NDRC).

How can I try Zilta?

Zilta is currently available as a free download for most Android devices. In practice it works as a "launcher" application which changes the look and feel of your phone or tablet home screen. To get started, go to Google Play and search for "Zilta."

After you have installed Zilta, it will ask you whether you want to complete task using Zilta or your default launcher. If you are only testing the functionality of the app, we recommend choosing "Simple Home Screen by Zilta" and "just once." Once you are confident that you prefer to use Zilta permanently, you can choose "always," and please refer to our instructions on how to disactivate Zilta.

How do I customise Zilta?

You can choose which apps you want to see on your home screen at any time. Start off by choosing the Applications icon and then choose Select Favourites.

You can then choose which icon you would like to replace on the home screen and lastly choose which application you would prefer to see in its place.

If you ever want to return to the original 5 icons, all you need to do is choose Applications > Select Favourites > Reset to Defaults.

How to uninstall Zilta?

If you ever want to revert to using your old home screen, you can do it quickly and easily. Start off by choosing "Applications" from your home screen and then choosing Settings from the list of applications.

In your device settings, choose Apps and then choose the three vertically aligned squares on the top right of your screen. By choosing "Reset app preferences" you will be given information on which preferences will be reset and choosing Reset apps will revert to your original device options.

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The Zilta Story

We started working on Zilta in the summer of 2013 when noticed that our parents were not making good use of their new smartphones. Realising that tricky-to-use smartphones are actually pretty dumb devices for new users to learn, we started designing a new approach where our really smart parents could get started. Our parents and other early Zilta users have tought us that staying in touch with family and friends and finding relevant information quickly are paramountly important. Now at Zilta we are working on ways to keep focus only on what matters and we keep all the complicated technical bits where they belong. In the background.

- Jukka & Lari

Lari Numminen

Customer Development

Jukka Kekäläinen

Lead Developer

What do people think?

Beautifully simple and friendly I think developers of this app clearly understand what senior citizens need and make technology much friendlier and simple. Can't wait for versions in other languages too!

T. Mamutov Google Play Review

Happy new user I am v-e-r-y happy with this app. My computer/phone savvy son suggested it just as I was about to give up my Android phone. Thank you. A happy user.

G. Marchiondo Google Play Review

Add voice to google search and your there I'm 63. Have only had a table since dec. Will pass it on. Thanks to tumblr.

P. Ferraro Google Play Review

Zilta allow[s] users to pare back their home screen to only the icons they need, remove swiping and also take step-by-step tutorials so they can get to know their new phone at their own pace.

A. Blackaby Disruptors

A new usability experience startup for Android, Zilta, looks to simplify how users interact with mobile devices to help assist users with the next generation of technology.

G. Anderson Arctic Startup

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